I have three guitars I am looking to sell. I am NOT including shipping costs into the prices listed. The prices I am listing are open to negotiations. If you feel you have a better offer, I'll keep an open mind. I have posted each of these on Craigslist and Facebook for some exposure. However, I thought placing them here might yield better results. I DO have photos available of each of these. If anyone is interested, just send me a PM.

Schecter Omen 6 - $275.00, obo

I have for sale a Schecter Omen 6 in Electric Blue. To my recollection, I purchased this new from Guitar Center sometime in 2008. For $299, this model is still available today, however only in Black and Walnut. The Electric Blue finish is no longer being offered. I've had a lot of fun playing this through-out the time I've owned it. I would like to keep it and keep playing, but I am looking to relocate out of the state and need to cut back on my collection.

I have played it moderately since purchasing it. It has never been played "out" and only within the walls of my house. It has never been dropped or been damaged severely. Unfortunately, the only damage it does have it a very small nick in the finish that did go through the clear coat and blue paint. As I mentioned, it is very small and I would classify it as the the size of the tip of a pencil. The clear coat in the surrounding area has not been affected. Aside from that small defect, I have kept this in excellent condition as I do with all of my items.

ESP LTD M-50 - $300.00, obo

This is an ESP LTD M-50 in satin black finish with all black hardware. Based on the serial number, this one was made in 2006. Before I purchased it, it had already been signed by the members of Lamb of God. From my average experience, it appears that it has never been played or mistreated. Since I've had it, I have not played it. This truly is still "brand new" and in the most excellent condition. I've been very careful to keep it stored and packaged well until I could get it into a proper display case. I am now in the position that I am looking to relocate out of state and would like to cut back on the collection of guitars that I own.

Lag Rockline Snake - $400.00, obo

I have an really cool item here. This is pretty rare electric guitar made by Lag. It's a Rockline Snake. From the little research that I've done it was made sometime around the year 1989 or 1990. I purchased this from an seller on eBay located in the UK. I do not believe that the Lag brand is (or ever was) sold in the United States. The guitar is exactly as it was when I purchased it sometime during 2007. My intention was to do repair on the body, and replace or update the hardware and electronics. I got involved in other things and put this on the back plate for a long time. I am now in a position to relocate out of state and need to cut back on my collection.