How good is this guitar? Does it stay in tune well? I play in drop C. I'm considering trading my Cort Viva for it. Is it a fair deal? The dean only goes for $300 but I traded DK2 for the Cort. Thoughts?
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i played the professional models (vmnt and angel of deth) at a local music shop and i had a raging hard on the whole time because they were SO damn playable and smooth and perfectly balanced. but i dont know about the cheap model but i have a $200 dean 7 string and it's not too bad for $200 never really had any problems with keeping it in tune but if you put new pickups and strings on it and get it set up properly it should be just fine.
the dean vmntx is a great guitar for its value it stays in tune perfectly because it comes with grover tunners and a really thin neck the pickups are not that hot but you can allways replace them to your taste