I got my new guitar today and i noticed that the strings are too high off the fretboard and the low e and a string dont fit into the space in the nut.
Does anyone know how to fix this,i heard that it just needs a truss rod adjustment but i really dont have a clue what to do
try lowering the action at the bridge before even thinking of messing with the truss rod. (just google "lower electric guitar action) if they still don't work right i'd bring it to a guitar shop to get the truss rod adjusted, since you seem like a beginner (no offense if your not)

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stroke the furry walls.
You need a full setup. Take it to a Guitar shop and let them set it up for you like it should be. If you try to set it up and it isn't right then you will start hating the guitar and lose interest in it. you will be amazed how much better a properly tuned and setup guitar sounds over a poorly setup one.
If this is out of the question then what you need to do is file your nut so the strings sit properly. If you add thicker strings then you need to file more. If you file too big and then go to smaller strings then you need a new nut. Yes the Truss rod needs adjusting. turn it the wrong way and you can strip it out then your neck is screwed. Your bridge will also need setting up. Not to mention any possible fret work that might be needed to eliminate any burrs. A professional setup runs about $79

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