I am looking for some advice about playing out for the first time. I am not sure if I am ready for it or not. I have set a couple of different times when buddies were playing and played a few songs solo. The response at these couple of deals was really positive and the crowd will be made up of many of the same faces as the first two times.

I have a 300 watt powered mixer with six channels. I have plenty of cables, mics, stands etc. I have about 25 songs that I can do on call and probably another 50 that I can do if I refer to the lyrics on a music stand. I can easily fill 2 or 2 1/2 hours.

My main questions are:
Is is acceptable to have a music stand with lyrics close by for emergencies?

Would I benefit by using a drum machine and vocal harmonizer since I am a one man act?

What is the best way to deny a request if I don't know it?

Any other advice would be welcome as well.
Gear List :

Taylor 714ce
Kustom Profile Sys. 2
Digitech GNX3
Fishman Loudbox
Digitech Jam Man
Peavey Mic's
Earthwood Md/Light Strings (11's)
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That's a lot to memorize, I don't think I could do that. Just make sure you are practiced and are comfortable with all the songs you will be playing. Having a music stand is fine I don't think anyone will mind, I would even think it normal for a guy playing that many songs. Only use the drum machine if you think it will help you to sound better. With that many songs and taking requests it might just be too much of a hassle. If someone requests something you don't know then just be honest and say sorry I don't know that one, or something like, I can learn it for next time. Just remember to relax and have fun. Good luck!
Make sure the music stand isn't right in front of you and don't be completely dependent on it.

Depends on your style.

Ignore it. Act like you didn't hear it.
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