Hey guys. I want to get a tattoo and have wanted to for ages now...and what better to get than something to symbolize my biggest passion, music.

I was thinking of a treble clef but with a twist!...A treble clef with a mouth. And this mouth is showing agression and teeth!

So what I want is like a treble clef monster haha

Could anyone design one for me?

I'm awful at drawing.

Cheers folks
Just get Hello Kitty.


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Where would this mouth go?
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Perhaps when you go to get it done, the guy doing the inking can design it for you?
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I was thinking of a treble clef but with a twist!

That part made me lol.
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Isn't it oblastic?

Ovablastic, you mean?

My eggs exploded in my womb from seeing this!
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You're welcome.

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How about Kermit the frog? I can do a great Kermit the frog.

Ok, well I'm gonna go ahead and do Kermit the frog.
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If you give me a day ill draw you up a sketch. I've been drawing tattoos for people at school and they say im good so want me to?PM me so i know details like for the mouth and stuff.
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I'm after a quaver monster now.




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