It seems every single generic -core band has the same type of lame-o shirts with the exact same art style, and they all have some sort of weird looking monster-cartoon-thing, or some sort of "nostalgic" imagery that was played out 6 years ago. And every scene-child in the world has nothing but these types of shirts.

Case and point:



(And no I don't wear these shirts, like these bands, or spend any time at Hot Topic whatsoever.)

What does the pit think of this "fashion statement"?

EDIT: This wasn't supposed to come out as a rant, or a "wtf these kids these days should stop what teyre doing and conform to meeee!!!!", sorry if it came out that way.
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You mean that a specific group of people are all wearing similar clothing....that must be new...
I think you mean "Case in point" which would actually be a nifty band name. "Hi I'm Joe and we're Case In Point."

Copyrighted suckas.
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I know man I hate it when people don't dress how I want them to. Everyone should conform to me.
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You mean that a specific group of people are all wearing similar clothing....that must be new...

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I dont really notice, the only band tee's that catch my eye are ones that I like...
yeah because graphic tee shirts are so great to begin wtih
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lol. you little rebel, you...

but yea i've noticed it, i just dont really give a crap. let 'em wear whatever. if you dont like it, then theres an easy solution. burn down the factories these shirts are being made at!! or just, you know, dont wear 'em.

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every group or scene wears basically the same crap. Im sure you dress like most of your friends
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the asian girl on the bring me the horizon shirt with the lion is hot.

Asian? the hell are you on??

And if they bother you that much, I wouldn't recommend buying one....

I just bought this shirt:

I love it.
That's a nice generalization. No, not all -core bands have shirts like that.
Scene kids make me sick to the stomach, Especially when they wear shit like this.
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I like that this kind of thing happens.
I'd be incredibly disappointed if when I grow up and talk to my kids about sub-cultures within the music scene I'd have to say that they weren't really happening and everyone in the world just wore sentacterlusly bland clothes.
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
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That's a nice generalization. No, not all -core bands have shirts like that.

Re-read the first sentence, I actually like most -core.
Wouldn't you be happier just trying to find stuff you like instead of stuff you don't?
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The amount of ignorance in this thread is amazing.
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Fits them perfect.

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yes. the shirts are ugly as shit. but then again, the kids who wear them are so ****ing unintelligent what can you really expect?
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