If I am correct this is a modeling amp and amps like these don't take pedals well.
Any and all valve amps respond well to pedals. In comparison to a modelling amp, anyhow.
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I don't know about transistor amps, there really are some which take pedals really good. I could suggest you tube amps, you could buy 5w tube amps, there's a fender champion 600, epiphone valve jr. , blackheart bh-5. For more wattage I would go for Laney, crate or peavey amps, these are cheaper ones, but some models are really good. I would suggest laney VC, Crate palomino and peavey classic models. And the list goes on, fender amps are quite good, but they are also expensive.
I guess if you use metal core pedal, blackheart bh-5 will fit you well. But it's better to try out amps in your music store.
I find the ML-2 to have a really thin sounding distortion so perhaps it's the pedal you don't like?