I was considering spraying a decal onto an Ibanez project of mine but quite like the finish already, would I need to sand down past the lacquer to spray this decal on properly or would it do on top of lacquer then just put lacquer on top of the decal?

Also whilst I'm asking, I plan (on a seperate project) modding some EMGs to 18V, but would the batteries move about and possibly damage my electronics or would they be fine as they were.

Thanks a lot for your time guys!


You'd have to remove at least the top layer of lacquer in order to help the spray properly adhere. Out of curiosity, what guitar is it? If you have just a solid colour, then you can refinish it quite easily if you wanted to.

For the EMGs, you should be fine. For the amount of moving around the guitar is going to do, you shouldn't need to worry. Solder is strong. Unless you're throwing it around, you should be fine. You can always remove the batteries if you're travelling, and just store them in the guitar case.
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Thanks a lot guys and bv310, it was a pretty simply finish tbh I just don't like finishing guitars much cause I always feel I'll mess it up, it was on an ibanez just pretty standard black..

Thanks for your help again guys.