Just me and a friend's (very quickly put together) cover of this classic song. I'm playing all guitars, bass, programmed the synth etc... He's singing, and I'm doing a few backing vocals (the falsetto "Yeah!" and backing vocals on the "Was it polemically sent?..." parts).
The first solo is a little sloppy sounding, as I managed to have 2 different takes playing at the same time, but after compiling it all I didn't really want to go back and re-do that part. However I'm happy with the last solo for sure

The drums are unfortunately just stock Guitar Pro, so they sound pretty bad, but if you can get over that fact, I hope you can enjoy the cover!

All comments appreciated and I'm happy to C4C =)

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sounded great, dude! but double tracked solo's was more of Tony Iommi's thing,lol! other than that, it was perfect! Vox were'nt too bad either, nice to be able to put them in there!
i just recently posted an Ozzy/Rhoads cover myself, Diary of a MadMan. check it out, see what ya think! got some Maiden and Metallica covers too!