So I've got a check for a thousand bux sent to me from my grandparents in Hawaii for Christmas. The only problem is that I don't have a bank account and can't open one because a couple years ago I withdrew a looot of money from my bank and am now in collections from it.

The check cashing places around here won't cash it. And I tried to sign the check over to my brother at Bank of America. Didn't work.

How can I cash this check? Do you think if I eat it I'll deposit out the cash??? Just an idea..
Can't you just go to a different bank or a credit union?
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what happened when you tried to sign it over to your brother? he can easily cash it for you
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They wouldn't accept third party checks. No bank did.

But I went to open an account at Union Bank hoping they wouldn't credit check me and they didn't yet. I opened an account. Thanx fellas.