looks like the guitar version of the telecoustic/stratacoustic, if im honest, and i hated both of those when i tried them(though for some odd reason my friend has one of each).

thats no reason to judge this bass at all, but i'd try it out first, if you're planning on buying it, it may be one of those instruments that work for some/not for others.

however, the concept of the bass is a bit dubious, and expecially with acoustic basses (where you really get what you pay for), its gonna be even more risky unless you try it first.
I've tried that one before. Not really a fan. Didn't sit right with me for some odd reason.
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maple neck+ acoustic bass= clackatopia.

I'd rather have my classical guitar.

penguin boy said it all right on.

yay for guitarrons, the original (portable) acoustic low ender!!!!
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Warwick Fortress>>Acoustic AB50

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I clicked, and immediately had to close the tab before the gag reflex kicked in.

Same here.

I think acoustic basses in general are awful; this one looks particularly bad in my opinion. You'd definitely have to play it plugged, which to me defeats the purpose of the acoustic bass, not like you could even hear one unplugged.
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A compromise for guitarists screams poor research and understanding as to what makes a decent acoustic bass.

but that being said it gets points for interesting visual appeal IMO.
Sorry but I put accoustic basses in the same catagory as bass starter packs where the so called starter amps are as much use as chocolate fireguards.
I can see no point in these instruments because to be of any use whatsoever they need an amplifier.
I've played bass regularly accompanying accoustic guitarists always using my standard elctric bass through my 500 watt 15" combo (obviously low volume)
The money would be better spent on better existing gear
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I've tried that one before. Not really a fan. Didn't sit right with me for some odd reason.

Beyond the less than appealing sound, I have to concur with this gentlemen. My local carries these basses and they are really ungainly to play, esp if you are on the smaller side.
The only acoustic bass I've come across that I liked was my Epiphone El Capitan, It's a pretty cheap bass, plays great, and has decent volume compared to all other acoustics I've played.
The body can feel a bit awkward because it's so deep, but it's a solid bass.
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