Ive been haveing huge problems with buzz clicking and other things with my jackson so i replaced the humbucker my self with new jackson one also had to solder on new volume potentiomiter asmine was on the way out the sound is superb now not a single crackle.

The problemi have is with the floyd rose its driving me bonkers.I had to remove the strings so went from 09 to 10 one bigger since oldones were due a change.I put a spoon handle under the floyd rose to keep it in position,set the fine tuners to half way then tuned all the strings.

Heres were the problem is 6th and 5th string,High E and A tune fine then i tune the 4th string thats fine but then the first two go out of tune so i retune them only to send 4th out again.Ive loosed off all the strings and put 1 extra turn on the 2 springs in the back of t he guitar so there a bit tighter as i have read that string and spring tension must be equal.

after 5 hours messing im just not getting any were my local shop cant do it till after xmas either.I will go nuts if i cant fix it Anyone got any tipsor advice.?
you can add a spring in the back for stability.

you can make sure the bridge isnt lifting ass end in the air.

and you can continue to cross tune until it stays.

tune the E then the high e, then the A then the B then the D then the g.

over and over.

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