Yesterday my Dad drove me to Guitar Center, which is an hour away, so I could buy a Line 6 POd 2.0 for Christmas. When I got home, I tried it out on my Peavy Vypyr 15 watt and the tones were just mediocre. I also connected it to my computer like this

Guitar>Pod 2.0> Peavy Vypyr Amp> Computer

and the tones were horrific for recording. It wad really muddy. If i go to radio shack and buy a 1/4" to 1/8" jack to connect my pod 2.0 to my computer, does anyone know if the tone will be better?? Will this solve my problem?

If I go back to Guitar Center and trade the Pod 2.0 in for a Pod XT will the USB recording be better and will it sound okay on my amp? Or should I buy the Studio Ux2 instead for recording? I dont want to make my dad drive out there just to buy another dissatisfying product.

Sorry about all the questions and any confusion. Im just trying to find some good tone and a decent way to record acceptable quality song covers.
Ux2 Comes with Editing software too, and I think it includes more amp models than the 2.0.

I think the XT Beats them all but its more expensive. (Not sure at all, Just from what ive seen, its been awhile.)

If your getting one of those, and plan on playing through the Vypyr, does the Vypyr Digitalize the tone? If it does, your not going to be able to get rid of the "Sound" of the amp entirely, but you should still be able to get better tone with any.

Do some research on them, amp models they contain, how they work, and costs.
Modelling pedal/interface + modelling amp normally = terrible tone.

You're better off going direct into your computer, much better off. I'd go for the xt for its usb connectivity.
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The pod will get u nice tones even when u upgrade ur amp. Not the best ones but nice. I would take the xt. It's veri nice and allows pc connection
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