I went to talk to you
You kind of pressured me to
And we had this nice
Read that as hateful
I told you about how much we parted from each other
And you told me about the consequences of distance
I hope you have fun in no man’s land
And that should be read both as metaphorically and lyrically
You’re fine with yourself
You should be fine with yourself for life
And I understand you don’t want a burden
And you’re pretty much a weight also
You are
Look closer
And I’m sorry if I made you a routine
I usually see routines as boring
And I’m sorry if I created expectations
Reminding you how weak you were for also creating them
You started it all
You wanted to see me
I ran away from you at the beginning
In case you don’t recall
Where’s your spontaneity now?
I bet it’s hidden in the comfort of the cold sheets surrounding you as you sleep
I also remind you of your doubt about your deepest feelings for me
I’m glad they’re gone
And you thanked me for fighting
I usually sat on a couch and text messaged you,
But yeah, it was a really rough fight
And you didn’t want to hurt me
But I really wore out the feelings I had for you when you avoided me for almost three weeks
And it only lasted three weeks because Sunday was your birthday
Eighteen and a fucking child
Who thinks she can play with people’s feelings
And wave between liking and disliking
It’s clear now
I dislike you a lot
But that’s just a consequence of the expectations I created
Which you also did
But we just had different conclusions from it
So I hope your closest friends tuck you when you sleep
Wish you good night and sweet dreams
And grab those dreams to make them come true
And pet you as if you were precious
And dump you in your cold
Useless life you lead so far
But I’m just happy you’re happy for your hideousness
Choke on your pride, dear.
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