So I'm trying to decide if I should get this guitar. I play metal like slayer and megadeth, but also death metal
Can you tell me what the pickups are like? They're Duncan designed detonator pickups
how much are you getting it for?

the duncan designed pickups(detonators) are very bad in my opinion.
they are very dark sounding. very extremely bassy, i would call them.
id be next to impossible to get a pretty good tone from them.
my jackson rr3 has them. and i never use it lol.

swapping them out would be a really good idea.
if your getting it cheap go for it.
throw on some dimarzios, or SD's in that bitch. lol
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The guitar would cost $499
Now I'm thinking I want to look into a different guitar. I'm also looking into the Jackson King V, it has Duncan HB-103B and Duncan HB-102B
well the WRXT looks like a great guitar for a great price. I am not saying it is identical, but the body shape reminds me of the stealth.
With low end Jacksons I find that if the guitar plays good in your hands, sounds nice acoustically, and is built good, then you should buy it if you know that you're going to change out the pickups for something better.

I have a older JS Jackson Kelly and I personally love the sound I'm getting after changing the pickups to Seymour Duncans.

The specs of the guitar look decent, and with a pickups swap the guitar would be a pretty good one IMO.

My advice is too try it, and if you like the feel of it, buy it. If you don't like the feel/sound accoustically (to see if you like the tonewood), or the quality isn't up to your standards, don't get it. Easy as that.
So if I do end up getting the warrior, what pickups would be good for metal and death metal?
Dimizzaro's (not sure on the spelling) are good for metal... and most of them are coil-tap-able. So that adds some versatility.

But you should GET the guitar first, and mess with all the settings on the guitar before you consider a pickup replacement. I've had my Dean for over a year and a half, and I've just recently considered a pickup replacement, but don't think it's totally necessary. In my humble opinion, I'd rather replace the bridge, as it's getting a little worn.

Another thing, the pickups on my Dean are VERY bassy, with the tone rolled to 0. Rolled up to 10, they seer through everything. With my settings, I can get an early Silverstein (When Broken is Easily Fixed) lead guitar/a more punchy, trebley Dance Gavin Dance (Downtown Battle Mountain) and even some fair Green Day and really nice cleans with the neck and middle position. So it all depends how you mess with your amp settings and guitar.