hey all,
i have an old jackson professonal i know little about
it has a very extreme body style, like a thunderbird meets and explorer and the serial number is 9602539 and cant find this thing anywhere! (yes ive checked the jackson site and a slew others..) it has a p j pickups
its in need of some parts...a new bridge and neck pickup (the pickup is no bigger but suggestions would be nice...)as far the bridge goes, idk if i can slap a fender bridge in there or if there are any aftermark parts sites you could reccommend? size or spacing?>...im a noob
Pictures would be helpful mate. I have very little experious with Jackson's though sorry.
I own a ton of Jackson stuff...with the serial, your describing a Kelly KB1, but yes a pic would confirm it....

yours probably has the 3 chrome knobs and bolt-on, not like this neckthru, but the body is the same.


and what do you need? you want to remove the Jackson bridge and toss a fender one on it???

Both pickups are shot and you want to replace those also?

explain further.