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I'm organizing a whole concert at my school and I want the last song to be something popular, memorable, and a song everyone knows. So far I have Don't Stop Believing and We Will Rock You, but I could use more suggestions. Any ideas?
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clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM

Dont stop believing and We will rock you are mad cliché

I like ending a show with Everlong.
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Uhmmm... Well, apparently I was mentioned in a thread called "Japan and Lesbians."

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bumbumbumbum.. WHITE WASHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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+1 to Free Bird.

It has lyrics everyone knows, it's easy to listen to, has an epic guitar solo, and is a real crowd pleaser.
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Sorry, it had to be done

This man said exactly what I was going to say...
This will start a RIOT! in me
Everlong - Foo Fighters
Time of your life - Green day
Creep - Radiohead
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You should play a really popular upbeat rock song.

Or theres always FREE BIRD!!

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This, atheists talk about religion more then religious people.

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bumbumbumbum.. WHITE WASHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He said White Walls.
If we're going with BTBAM, prequel to the sequel
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a sport

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Oh, so it's sorta like real-life gaming, then?
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'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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Why, I love trains.

They go fast.

But I think he means the Porcupine Tree song.
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Paradise City would be a good one as well
Assuming cliche is what you're going for, Free Bird and Stairway to Heaven are both good choices.
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Hit them with Some ONE by metallica blow them away
Ill Take it all
Arrows and Guns.. Hundreds and more

Save you from one
Gay Bar

or free bird...
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Sadie Hawkins Dance (-Relient k (not everyone may know it but its really catchy))
Sweet Home Alabama (Good alternative to Gay... I mean Free Bird)
+1 on Paradise City if you can pull it off
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EDIT: Paradise City **** YEAH!!!
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We are the Champions (We will rock you is a good as an opener).
Freebird (nothing says closing better than freebird)
Cocaine Blues (the Johnny Cash version is actually really awesome)
Orion (ONLY if you got a good bassist)
Nirvana - Territorial Pissings

Afterwards, destroy everything.

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