Is it worth it?

A guy on my local classifieds is selling a body (awesome yellow, yumm lol) for like $75 and I was thinking it would be a really neat project to rebuild (or just build) a S540 frankenstein. I'm just not sure if in the end the money spent on all the expensive parts and pickups would be worth a bunch of guitar parts to toy around with. I mean I'm no pro so there's no guarantee that it would even work right in the end.

Anyways, if I did decide to do this, I've calculated I'd need these parts:

To start, the body ($75), with wiring and cavity covers

A neck (at least $150, for a cheap neck). This is one thing that I would have trouble with, as I'm not sure of the original scale of the guitar, and whether it would tune properly or be at a correct angle if I transplanted a newer Wizard II or even a cheaper neck. And I'm also not sure if it needs a metal plate to bolt on the back.

Pickups (around $150 at least also).

Bridge (around $175). From what I've read it would have to be an original Edge or a Lo-Pro. Would the newer ones still have the correct proportions to fit into the body? Also, would any other bridges fit in right without heavy routing? Maybe a fixed edge?

Other random parts, tuners, strap locks, etc (at least $50).

So would this be something I should try out, being a noob at 'building'? I'd love to have an awesome vintage/homemade neon Ibanez, but would it be too difficult and expensive to find the correct parts and set up correctly to be worth it?

(Sorry I might not make any sense, I hope you can understand me lol)
My S540 started out like this.
The bridge will be an Original Edge or Lo-Pro like you said
The scale is 25.5", and finding the proper neck could be a bit difficult, at least it was for me. An '88 will have a square heel, so you'll need a neck plate too. There are a few places on ebay where you can get necks, bodies, bridges, tuners etc from Ibanez's that they buy cheap and part out.