i found a B52 AT-100 1/2 Stack tube amp with a matching 4x12 cab i got the guy down to 400 bucks its only 8 months old.this will be my first tube amp/half stack.seems like a pretty good deal but i know you get what you pay for.im just wondering if any on has one or knows anything about them.i play punk,metal,alternative any info will be great
Great for metal, they were 350 new for the combo, so I would try and lower to 350.
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Quote by punk1984
i read that the head was 600.u mean it was 350 for the head and cab?

no I think he meant the combo amp (1x12 version) was that price. I'd try to talk him down a bit on the price. They're great amps IMO. I loved mine. Haven't tried the matching cab though...I paid $250 for just the head when I bought mine.