hey all, im just wondering whats a good way to pratice playing and singing at the same time.
There really isn't a secret, you just gotta keep practicing. Try to get the guitar part down so well that you could play it in your sleep, then start humming the melody at first and eventually progress to singing it.
Probably playing easy songs that you CAN sing and play (Nirvana?)
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play and sing something simple
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I learned how to sing and play by learning the lyrics to a song that's very easy on guitar and then singing it while you play. Find an easy song that you won't need to focus on playing much (blink-182, Green Day, etc.) then gradually increase with the difficulty.
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Start with simple stuff. Punk and all its variations are good for this. Steadily move up the difficulty scale. It really just comes down to practice.
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Just play along with a song and sing with it. I had to learn how to because I'd forget where guitar parts were in some songs.

But really it's just about practice. There is no secret too it.
I learned by playing Alpha Beta Parking Lot (CAKE). It's really basic. Three chords: G, C, and D, with a really easy solo. And the lyrics are pretty repetitive.
Learn by doing and don't give up when you get frustrated, because you will get frustrated; a lot.
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Just get really good at guitar and it will come naturally
it's something you have to practice you just need to be more comfortable with guitar
It's just a matter of basically separating your head from you body (figuratively), assuming that the rhythms are different. For example, learning how to play and sing "Ride the Lightning" at the same time was the biggest bitch ever, but I just got the guitars down, then the vocals down, then I listened for when the rhythms match up, and I really worked off there
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There are two ways to practice.

There's the route of doing them both separately then bringing them toghether when you've mastered.
Or the route of learning them both alongside eachother so you're always singing and playing the song. This is what I do, I've got decent coordination though.

But to get into it, really pick a really basic song, maybe one that just has a chord strummed at the start of each line or something. Or a basic strum/sing song which takes not much coordination.
Same problem here. I can either play, or sing. Not both at the same time I just cannot get the right pitch on my voice

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Try playing Jane Says by Jane's Addiction, the chords are G and A. Incredibly easy, good song to start out with.
i have this problem too...but my mum says every time: practice makes perfect...but how to practice right????
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i have this problem too...but my mum says every time: practice makes perfect...but how to practice right????

Your name makes me laugh hysterically. I'm a nearly-grown man and I'm laughing at this shit...

Start out singing songs that are just chords that you could let ring. Once you got that down learn the proper strumming pattern and after that learn the songs riffs and try to sing over that and you'll be cool for that.
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satrt out with a chord cprogression the go up from there
thanks for all the info guys!!yeea ive been doin pretty much what you guys said i just think i need to slow down a bit then il get it.
[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']I learned by playing Alpha Beta Parking Lot (CAKE). It's really basic. Three chords: G, C, and D, with a really easy solo. And the lyrics are pretty repetitive.

Victorino I didn't know you were a cake fanboy too.

Anyway I think that how easy a song is to play and sing at the same time has to do with how the rhythm of the words correlates with the rhythm of the guitar. Find a song where the vocals and the guitar are pretty close rhythm wise and practice that (I like to use Weezer), you'll get better at multitasking and you'll be able to move on to songs where the rhythms aren't as close (maybe sublime or something) Also if you wanna mess with 3:4 timing Mexico by cake is a really good one to do both on.
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know the song. like know how to sing it (verses, choruses, the pitch, changes etc). then get the guitar rythm and chords down. then, try to put them together. however, i have found some songs are naturally very hard to do both because either the singing requires so much effort and concentration it distracts from the guitar OR the guitar rhythm is so complex i cant concentrate on the singing.

some songs are just so natural and easy with the tempo beat etc that teh strumming and verse lines seem to match up well and it just clicks.
everyone here is dead wrong... to sing with guitar you gotta practice standing up... if you can stand up and play guitar.... singing with guitar is a breeze...
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hey all, im just wondering whats a good way to pratice playing and singing at the same time.

The best way to practice singing and playing (guitar) ate the same time is in the first place to master your guitar playing skill to a certain level. If you havent been playing for atleast 2 years chances are your playing still requires alot of your brain activity, this will make it harder for you to 'multi-task'. Once you get your gitar playing to a certain leven you will be able to play some guitar without really thinking about it, it is in that zone that you can start singing and playing at the same time. My reccomandation would be Coldplay's viva la vide, you might hate it but give it a chance, its basicly 4 chords the entire song and it is a good way to start.

Then there are ofcouse songs which are quiet difficult to sing a play at the same time.
Probably because of some timed licks or hevay riffs your playing under the vocals. The trick with these is to slow it down and really find out what parts of the vocals take place at what time of the riff. For example the song unnatural selection by muse. The main riff has vocals on it, but without slowing it down your gonna get a hard time getting your vocals right with the riff.

I hope this helps