I've been a fan of slowcore for a long time, but I recently got into the band Earth, and wanted to get back to my roots a bit. The song is in my profile.

Any criticism or feedback is very welcome. Also, if you have any ideas, I wouldn't mind collaborating with someone on this

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Nice song. It is unnaturally short for doom although, I was expecting some 13 minute long epic lol. It'd be nice if it was a whole lot longer. I also don't like your dist tone too much, it's really compressed, maybe it's just me. Good work. I'd definitely would like to help you work on this but I really don't know a way of sharing files :/

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I like this alot, the tone was fairly nice, but really bassy, run a high and low pass on that and should solve that problem. The lead guitar worked really well for this song, fit really well with the flow. The intro was a bit long, I would try to make it 4 bars instead of 8 bars. And mabey have the chours play twice, instead of ending the song on the verse. Very nice song though.

Crit mine?