Ok, basically, i've never restrung my acoustic and just snapped the high e, at the moment on my electric i like ernie balls regular slinky, so preferably similar feel but more importantly the sound. it is quite a sharp sounding acoustic so a nice whole sound aswell

Sorry if im being to picky

So you want a mellower sounding string for the acoustic ???
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Don't buy any Ernie Ball acoustic strings. They make good electric strings and that is all.

Mellow sound and flexibility sounds like silk & steel strings to me. Martin makes a set, but apparently the ones made by John Pearse are really something special. I've personally only tried a guitar with the Martin silks on it, and they were too flexible for my tastes, but they sounded excellent.
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Mellower? DR Acoustic Rares
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Stay away from D'Addario phosphor bronze .12's if you want a mellow sound.
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Yeah, D'addarios are pretty bright. I'm pretty sure most major string manufacturers describe their string lines as either bright or mellow. Just jump around to a few and find mellow ones.
I'd reccomend some bronze strings - i have them on my acoustic and if you get the right set they'll sound great.. My acoustic has some fender factory strings on cause I haven't changed them over on the acoustic - but steel are too sharp on most acoustics so go for some bronze - i'm sure the others on this thread will tell you a good brand