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-My City-

My city is conscienceless,
Content with cold castles, copper currents
Grey clad criminals.
Cadaverous. Cloying
Cassie conveys couriered, collected photos
Cracked cobble, Cathedral, ‘clangorous, canorous Canterbury’
Consorting with cultured cads,
Chiselled. Cocky.
Caressing crooked conceits:
Chivalric codes, corrupted carelessly,
Caverns. Crypts.
Craving ‘Cripple Crow’, ‘Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie’
Cawing crazy at celibate celebrants.
My city can’t compete,
clamped to concentric circles.

Cassie crept cross country, county, counting conquests.
Can’t come back Cass.

Steam rising, coffee cooling,
cookies crumbling, cinnamon clinging.

Thinking, contemplating,
creating scenarios, calculating outcomes.
Comparing; contrasting conclusions.

Controlling cataclysms. Constructing clay. Can’t.

Chaos-Theory closely mirrors
Colombian coffee, chocolate chip cookies,
cinnamon-lipstick, consciousness.

Consider confessing? Continue contradicting?

Caresses her crocodile-purse,
Contains Chinese communication.
Casually calls Caleb.

Chats. Chokes. Ciao.


casey's curiousity choked by cookie cutter curfews
caught casting children cough drops like candy.
cough cough cover-up,
cornered cat chased into conformity
cocky champion couldn't catch colds.

capitals can't carry words,
can't create certain characteristics,
but complaints can change current courting customs,
cries can change casey's caddish charisma.
caroline could cancel candlelit coffee chats,
casey could too.
Did you list a bunch of words that rhymed and sounded catchy and put them to discriptions? lol.
Seems a bit of all over the place, didn't really get the point of this song; other than describing a bunch of random stuff.