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-Cat's in the Cradle-

Caring can't cease within a few
courageous lies and cancer spreads
behind the cynical stain eyes
of every careless lover.

You came along, carrying your
crayons in your childish box of
dreams to crystalize in crimson
cars and cyan girls with cellophane eyes.

It's the curious crime that came calling
"come along, the child has woke with crying
tears stain cement sheets, creating
colonies of rivers in your mind."

But it's a curious time
when it all creeps out
from one more careless mind.

calipto's conregation
casting curses causing cries
captive in circuts
cancer climbs costing lives
children cautiously laughing
child captive... caged
cities condemed,
cruel, and charged
calipto caught contented
controlling cities contents.

Calling catharsis to
clean this crafted cage.
Changing carbon crusted coal,
crushing carefully chosen caverns
of corrupt conduct and
calamitous conventions.

Convert Cthulhu's cult;
carry character to
clashing, clanging cutlasses...
chisel colossal courtesy,
cast correctness.
Create calibre conscience,
craft courage.

Civil Creatures.