Do they sound any different?
Which is the best for if you want a full folk sound?
They all sound different.

Bone or ivory would be your best bet as far as tone goes. Also consider graphite.

Plastic is cheap and resonates poorly.
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i use graphite its not too expensive and i can really tell the difference in the sustain. i love it and will never use plastic again. only thing is is that you have to use nut butter more then usual and i dont know if its just me or my guitar but it seems like i go through strings like crazy ( dont know if thats the nut or just the amount of playing that i do)
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i use graphtech string saver saddles on my prs custom 22. compared to the nickel/brass saddles it used to use they have a very slightly more hollow (stratty) kind of sound to them. i personally like them a lot. the nut is also made of the same material although that came as part of the guitar.

i also have an ibanz with a steel nut and saddles but the guitar plain sucks in comparison to the prs so i cant tell you much about it.

to the guy above me, i also go through strings like crazy but these saddles have reduced the number of strings i go through. if we are talking about the same saddles (mine are graphite + teflon), they shouldnt need lubricating at all.
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