I'm just learning guitar, and I've noticed that some songs have alternate tuning requirements. I was just wondering if you have to adjust your tuning for this or if a capo placed in a particular spot would achieve the same thing?
If it's down tuned or drop tuned you'll need to tune your guitar. Which isn't hard (unless you have a floyd).
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depends on if it is higher or lower say for instance if its metal you tune down

or if you search the chord tab for the particular song its usually 9 out of 10 times it will tell you if a capo is used and where to place it
if your just learning to play there are a few books out there with nothing but tuning i say try em all and see what works and what dosnt. after a few hours of practicing you will find what you like and then you can decide what songs you want to play that have that tuning.
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