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So i have a scalloped 1990 RG560 its all red and i did the pickups, swith knob and truss rod cover in yellow (see pic)
i want to get F Hole stickers... as im a huge Gilbert fan (note the original PG ibanez ad for the guitar)

which would you do...


picture of guitar with paper F holes (oh i know im creative)

picture i found of a similar RG with yellow (far right)
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im really on the fence... black gives it a classy look, yellow is really flashy... its a tough call... thanks for your opinion
Go with the yellow. Its just to bad you cant have the controls camouflaged within the f-holes like in PG's guitars.
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ya i just think u did the yellow to everything else so i'm just getting the impression your going for a flashier look which don't get me wrong isn't bad at all so thats why i said yellow
Do yellow. It helps add to the subtle contrast of all the other yellow parts.

Also, switch your knobs out for Yellow Strat-type knobs, like on the PGM. It'll only add to the epicness.