This is me playing the entire Epitaph album by Necrophagist!
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Crank that volume up in songs like Epitaph and Diminished, I was 2 am! haha

1. Stabwound


2. The Stillborn One


3. Ignominious And Pale


4. Diminished to B


5. Epitaph


6- Only Ash Remains


7. Seven


8. Symbiotic In Theory

i don't have the attention span to watch all of these, but I watched Diminish to B, and that was ****ing awesome, dude. Nice sweeping and what not. Keep up the good work
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This is frustratingly good lol. I am endeavoring to achieve a full Epitaph album cover myself...but as it stands I can't get past the Stillborn One solo haha.

Great work man this is insane. Keep it up.
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Very good work. Maybe you could find some some musicians on here and do a "virtual cover," where you all track seperately and combine them over the internet?

Could be cool.
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