well that was pretty solid piece , but i think you should change a couple of things

1. In the verse section you use a 2 on the low c string at the end of the measure, i would recommend changing it to one of the following for ideas, but i really would think just using a wild pinch harmonic on the original riff(on the 2) would make it sing.

2. for riff a, i would try to move your 12 and 13 (c, c#) notes to the g string (5 string) and keep the notes the same but make it into a tapping riff perhaps. In general, playing above the 12th fret on the 6 string (E usually, in this case C) is a no no because tubular amps don't respond well to it and your tone usually becomes muddy. Thats why you see players like smart players Oli herbert making what would be a generally easy riff (if played above the 12th) into a difficult one for the sake of keeping tonal clarity. TLDR: transpose the notes to the 5th and 4th string. Do this for as much of the song as you can.

3. for the "Epic riff", i really don't know what to say. I would be afraid of it getting to muddy unless you do this over a clean channel, but my guitar is set in Eb standard right now, and i don't feel like changing it to test this riff. If it sounds good in real life then great, but otherwise try muting some of the strings out so you only have two ringing out at a time.

4. The intro to the solo is really good, i'd suggest a sweep up to a bend on the high d right after the end of the song and go from there.

So overall i would say this is a pretty good piece, just keep some of the things i said in mind and it should turn into a really great song for a gig. good luck to you
I think this song is pretty solid. The opening riff is ehh, but when it comes back to it in the middle of the song it kicks ass and I know what you are going for. Maybe try to make a variation of it in the beginning and revisit the idea in the middle of the song(keep it the same in the middle). There are a few parts where i want it blasting into my ears at 11. and cool double bass patterns!
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I agree with everyone else, pretty solid song. Pinchies would make the first riff a lot nicer, and even thought he other riffs are good it's a realief to get back to that first one.

Riff B really reminded me of Raining Blood! That was a sweet part. The breakdown kicks ass. Riff C was pretty boring, but it would be worth the wait for the Mosh riff if you turned the backing guitar's volume up for that bit. The outro was pretty nice, pretty much what I'd expect.

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I really liked the variety of riffs in this song. Personaly enjoyed the ones in the bridges (mainly the Bridge B). Though I think that you should use less "let rings" in the Epic Riff (I don't know if it's because of the MIDI, but doesn't sound so good). Solo was good, but looks incomplete (probably because it is ). Anyways, nice song, I'm sure it will be great when finished.

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Oh look a normal drop tuning. None of this A flat nonsense. :P

Anyways, intro riff is a little generic. I like when the sixteenth notes get in. Crit while i listen, btw.

The riff the ride is fun. A lot of this is just a little too generic and mainstreamed for my taste.

I do like that you did the china on the upbeats for the one riff. And for the chords afterwards. Nice rolls into guitar alone.

GOOD riffage here. Awh, bass shouldnt have matched up yet. But that parts good.

Breakdown sounding thingy after is descent. I'd mosh.

NICE drums. K, liking this A LOT more. K, the feel change is nice.

K, this is a nice kind of sludgy. It;s coherent. Nicely done. It might just be guitar pro but the crash is a little irritating. K, the mellow part is magical.

Ohai, solo. Sounds a little mechanical.

Oh...its done. Work on this, its good. XD

6/10 for first bit.

8.5 for the rest.