I started trying to write in Iambic pentameter I'm not sure if I've acheived that with the first stanza. Anyway it snowballed and this is where I ended up

Morbid truth of corporate youth
creates and issues
the gnashing of tooth
the trampling of foot
ashes and soot are only conduit
if you look you can see
if you hear you can breath


ready set go

through the minds eye we blow
like wind with no home
ugly and old
with nowhere to go
destruction and depravity
are always pre-sold but
never fore-told
if you touch you will feel
if you fear you will scream
if you care you will kill
The name and how you built up to it with the "if you... you will/can" form was really cool!
I am assuming that the musical side of this (if there is one) is going to be pretty heavy?
I was just doing this for writing practice you are welcome to use it for lyrics if you'd like just let me hear it if you do!