Here's the thing... I have a Fender Stratocaster which I find absolutely wonderful, not that I'm bragging or something, but it is definitely my best buy when it comes to guitars, because it is most comfortable guitar that I've played on so far and it is pretty reliable and holds tuning amazingly well.

But I have one problem, which turns out to be pretty big actually - it has three singles which are great for some classic rock or when I want to play Pink Floyd and so, but when it comes to metal they pretty much fail.

Since I love the sound of neck pickup, I'm planning to put some single coil sized humbucker in the bridge position.
It should cover power, heavy, gothic and progressive metal (like Iced Earth, Lacuna Coil, Dream Theater...) and it should be good not to be not too much hot sounding also...

So please, I'm asking you, what would you recomend?
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JB Jr doesn't have enough bass response. Honestly, a boring old Hot Rails is about your best choice in terms of a direct retrofit pickup. Even that thought might be a little pointless.

What's your amp? And, you would be willing to get a new pickguard cut for HSS and transplant the old electronics into that but with a new full bridge humbucker? Virtually every Strat is routed to take a humbucker in the bridge so all you shoudl need is a new pickguard (and the new pickup, obviously). Considering that to change the bridge pickup you'd have to take the existing pickguard off anyway, changing to HSS wouldn't be that much more effort.
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It is not that every strat is HSS routed, mine is not (I know that because I took off the pickguard to check that), otherwise I would put the Dimebucker and solve the problem.

So which one of these three is better with distortion - Seymour Duncan JB Jr, Seymour Duncan Hot Rails or DiMarzio DP 182 Fast Track 2?

Oh and does EMG make single coil sized humbuckers and are there any good for genres I mentioned?
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Dimarzio super distortion s? Never heard one but it seems like it would work.
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If your on a budget GFS makes some nice lil killer pickups, which are humbucker in a single coil form.
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