Hey all - so I'm looking to buy a new American Standard Telecaster. I wanted a white one but oddly enough they don't make it in white. The closest option is a color called "Blizzard Pearl". The guy at the store didn't have one on hand to show me, but he showed me a color that he thought was similar - it was an off-white with a goldish tint to it.

However, in the picture online it looks more like an off-white with a grayish tint. Actually, it pretty much just looks gray.

So my question is, has anyone seen/does anyone own a "blizzard pearl" tele? Can anyone confirm what color it actually is? Is it gray or is it gold? Thanks!
I don't own one but I've played one - it's nowhere close to white. It's silver, simple as that. It's barely a couple of shades brighter than their old Inca Silver finish. American Deluxe in Olympic Pearl is the closest you can get to white.
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