What i find annoying, is when my parents walk in the room while im playing guitar with the door shut.. and then they leave with the door half open or not completely shut. I find that most annoying.

Another thing is one or two strings are about 6 months older than they others, they refuse to break.

And i constantly keep losing my picks, then when i decide to clean my room every so often, i find them where i thought they wouldn't be.

Anyone care to share your hatreds?
I hate losing picks

And i also hate when my parents come in and leave the door open

And i hate when the pick slips around in my fingers....but I'm gonna try some Dunlop Gator Grip picks to see if they help
I hate using the searchbar.

There, thats out of the way.

Been done a bazillion times. Reported brah
RIP Tom Searle.
PHONES!!! **** you, you loud ringing bastard!!!
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epic win. total, epic win. this is probably the best OC ever created on UG.

kudos, sir.