What is Underground Band?

Well i knw. but i wanna knw from u guys. what is the real meaning and what would be their activities. And will they be in underground forever? what could be the way to go to overground/mainstream? and cant punk/rock/classical band could be an underground band(instead of being death/black metal band).........???

well if u have time then pls clarify. i need clear concept.

a band which is not highly known to the world yet... most of the band signed in to the independent record label... they performed at a small venue not like the 50000 audience rock concert...
Any kind of music can be underground.
Underground bands are bands that are only known by a small(and I mean small, like less then 100,000 world wide for more popular genres of music) world wide and only play small venues, like less then 1000 people kind of small.
Getting signed to a big label would more or less destroy your underground status, so would playing a bunch of really big shows or going on tour with a major band and having legions of fans.
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Some bands manage to juggle being both underground and "overground"...The Wombles spring to mind.
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A pretentious label given to bands that haven't made it (yet).
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