As simple as that. Could I use my friend's Boss Distortion DS-1 Pedal as well as his Metal Zone one on my bass? Or maybe his Dunlop Kirk Hammett Wah pedal? Or not?

Do all guitar pedals work with Bass? Do no guitar pedals work with Bass? Or do SOME guitar pedals work with Bass (if so could you please tell me which)?
I'd have to say that all guitar pedals will work, but may not get you a desired tone. From what I've heard/read, using a guitar pedal will rape your lows and sometimes your mids.
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Generally guitar pedals do work on bass, but they will often kill your low end and make it sound crappy. The Metal Zone made my bass [tuned GDGCF Bflat] and it just made me sound like a super low Guitar... The Distortion might not sound that bad. The Wah pedal might not come out to well.


That's a big section of effects specifically made for bass. I only use Boss but I don't know what you use.

The easiest way to know if it works is if it makes your bass sound like crap then you probably shouldn't use it. If they have a bass version then use it instead of a guitar version.
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you can use a distortion or an over drive with a bass i have tried to use a wah b4 as well and it worked out fine. im not a bass player though so as far as anything other then that i couldnt tell ya. but i have used those few and have had good results. i ended up buying a boss multi effects with built in volume/wah pedal that is strictly for bass though it wasnt much maybe $150 and it sounds better IMO.
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They all 'work', as in, you can plug them in and have sound come out of them, but usually with stuff like distortions, you lose a bit of the low end.
Depending on your genre, you're probably better off just using a compressor as far as pedals go. Some of them have tone controls - and a bassist's compression is often equated to a guitarist's distortion. Boosting your mids and perhaps using some overdrive will help you cut through a bit better, but I don't know that much more is very practical in my opinion.
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Basically, you won't hurt anything but there's a good chance of it sounding like poo. Try them out. If I remember correctly, the DS-1 actually sounds kind of cool...almost like a synth pedal. I've tried the metal zone...didn't care for it much.
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The reason a guitar distortion pedal like the big muff is so popular among bass players is the fact that it doesn't really kill off a lot of your low end. It's a pretty average distortion pedal, IMO, nothing special, but just the fact that it keeps the low end is why it will be a keeper for me when I finally got the cash to buy it
Most distortions will suck your low end. You could always run a clean tone as well to keep your bass frequencies.

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They can sound cool on their own. But I know that, due to the extreme low end cut and fizziness, you will not be able to hear a bass played through a stock DS-1when you're playing with a band. Haven't tried the metal zone, so I can't comment on that.

As has been states in this thread, combining a dry and wet signal will let you use these kinds of effects and still be heard. And the muff is very popular for bass because (even though its mid scoop takes a fair bit of presence out of the mix) it lets a ton of bass through.

I have a russian muff and a ds-1, both pretty heavily modified, and even with bass friendly adjustments the ds-1 has nothing on the muff in terms of useablity.
Unless you modded a big muff, and most other guitar distortions for that matter, it will lose low end. End of story. It doesnt matter if your friend's cousins sister read on a forum that so and so uses a russian muff and keeps low end. Unless its modded you will be invisible in a band setting.

While some other types of pedals dont work great with bass, filter effects for example, most do. Chorus, flange, phaser, pitch shift, compression etc. They all work fine with bass because they are not frequency specific. All these bass choruses and whatnot are cash grab, and exploitation of peoples lack of knowledge of how effects actually work.
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All these bass choruses and whatnot are cash grab, and exploitation of peoples lack of knowledge of how effects actually work.

Actually many (though certainly not all) modulation pedals nominally designated for bass do act differently than their guitar counterparts. Some bass choruses, for example, split the signal and only apply modulation to higher frequencies. Others have simple changes like different input and output cap values which simply let more of the bass through while that low end might be slightly reduced in a similar guitar pedal.

Several are simply guitar pedals but then have a nice wet/dry blend know added--now you could still just call it a guitar pedal and use it with either instrument to the same effect, but someone has gone out of the way to add distinctly different features to what they label a bass pedal--and to be honest that blend is much more useful for bass than guitar 90% of the time, so the "bass" label is appropriate.
Yeah, Dullsilver-Mike is right. A chorus pedal I've found great for both bass and guitar is the Boss Ce-5. It makes your tone a little more thin, but still keeps a good low end and doesn't suck your mids neither
What i meant by the bass versions of modulation effects being cash grabs was not that they were the same pedal with a new label, but that they were often overpriced and over-hyped. Regular chorus and modulation effects work well with basses and it is not necessary to buy a bass specific one.

If you stick to the mentality of only buying bass labeled pedals then you'll be severely limited in your options. While I have no problem with these types of effects catering more to bassits it seems shifty to me for them to put out the same pedal for twice the price with a blend knob slapped on.
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Distortion/overdrive are the effects pedals that you should try to get bass specific versions of. apart from that its almost free game. Wah's are probably better if you get bass specific versions aswell (and the ibanez weeping deamon cuz its hella adjustable, thats what i have)

apart from that its really free game. Go by what your ear says and how well you can tweak what ever pedals you decide to get.
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