So this isn't really a technique for "playing the electric guitar" per se, but I figured this was the best spot in the forums.
Now, I'm not asking for tips on how to look like a poser, just wondering if anybody had some advice for some simple gratuitous performance.

I will be playing, mostly by myself, for just a few people, so it's going to be pretty intimate/personal, whatever. Just some hard rock/light-ish metal stuff (mostly rhythm parts) that I will be playing and singing at the same time.

I know that some guitarists (clinic demo/liveperformance/musicvideo) go for goofy looking facial expressions and some interaction with the viewer/audience while others tend to stick more to their own body movement jiving with the music. I'm pretty sure that what I've been doing so far lends itself to me looking like a complete oaf-tard, so any advice is greatly appreciated...
I'd go with feeling the groove, not so much so that you a dancing but enough that the audience has a visual aid as to where the beat is. Don't look too much at yourself because then the audience thinks you'd rather be doing something else. Remember as a performer you are conveying a message.
So, sort of just move around and just feel the music... flow with it?
I'm assuming that headbanging and oogly hardcore expressions are not included in the above?