hey guys,
i just bought a new esp eclipse and i replaced the factory strings with the strings that i normally use which is dean markley nickelsteel 10-52.

I noticed that the strings sounded dull compared to the factory strings and have no idea why.
so im deciding to search for a better set of strings to go with my shiny new guitar.

i play rock/metal and like to drop tune to a variety of different tunings and i was wondering if anyone had any good recomendations as to what strings i should get.
well if you change your strings every month or month and a half, Ernie Balls should keep their nice tone for the most part...after a month they still keep a nice 'new' factor about them. that's all i use...that and once i used elixirs which i really liked....but still loved the EBs more.
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It may sound a little worse at first because you need to allow the strings some time to 'set in' properly. After a day or two it should be fine .
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