I recently bought the Pod 2.0 to use in playing and recording. However, im having trouble recording. Whenever I use it on my computer, I cant seem to get any good tones to record with. This is what my connection looks like

Guitar>Pod 2.0> Line-in Computer

The tones are actually horrific. Am i getting bad tone because of my sound card I am using??? or is it because im using Mixcraft? I know the Pod can deliver outstanding tone because I've seen people on Youtube make excellent song covers with the Pod 2.0 and the product has received excellent reviews.
Line-In isn't meant to take that kind of sound, and basically rapes it.
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well, it's really muddy. it sounds really thin and kinda dark. idk how else o describe it. ive only been playing for 2 years.
How does it sound through headphones? Are you using the headphone output or the amp output. If one doesn't work perhaps try using the other. Not sure about the Pod 2.0 but there are frequently output settings that affect the tone. A tone that's right for an amp will be harsh for a PA or recording. I've found that even a cheap sound card can make a decent recording. It's unlikely that buying an expensive audio interface is going to fix a tone that's flat out bad.

However you do need to make sure the levels don't clip going into the sound card. But thin and dark doesn't sound like a clipping problem.