So I have a PRS Santana SE guitar - all mahogany with rosewood fingerboard - and I'm curious which PRS pickups would you guys recommend for the wood. I'm interested in the PRS HFS, the Santana 2 and the PRS Vintage pickups.

In the bridge position I prefer something that has lots of bite, not primarily for distortion, but i like to play some crazy funk. In the neck position I prefer something full sounding, with lots of mids and a nice jazzy tone if i roll the tone pot down to 0.

Edit: when used both pickups, I usually play clean.
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Why don't you name some of your influences and have a look what kind of pickups they use?

How much did your PRS cost by the way ?

And also from what you're saying I'd steer away from actives..


I think it cost about 500$ or something like that. I got it used..well it was used like 4 times b4 i got it..

I'm not going to name influences, coz the tone I'd like to achieve with each pickup is written in my first post. The best tone I've ever heard was at an Al di Meola concert tho.

These pickups are not actives. I'd never use actives.
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Why limit yourself to PRS pickups?

I'm not limiting myself, it's just the kind of tone i'm looking for since I really like the tone of Al di Meola and Santana, but I'm gladly accepting any recommendations. If there is a seymour duncan or dimarzio or any other brand that creates the described tone, then pls tell me which one.
PRS dragon IIs should be good for u. the HFS might be too hot for u.

if u want seymour duncans, the 59' model is good.
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would get a set of their 57/08's if I were you. That's what al di molea has in his new sig. Also the mccarty bass pickup has a very nice round warm tone. Some say it's muddy but mine is crystal clear. Maybe due to the rosewood neck. Idk. I'd stay awY from the HFS just because I think it's fizzy sounding. L up to you to decide what you want.