Hi all,

I'm planning on building my dad a guitar and well he's mad on Steve Vai. So I'm gonna build him a JEM......thing is he wants a specific JEM that I can't seem to find a picture of.......anywhere..........not even on Vai's site.

Apparently it was inside the Passion & Warfare booklet (cassette), it was black with roses, green knobs, and green and yellow fret inlays.

Just wondering if anyone's heard of it or could show me a pic of it.....

btw it's not Vai's floral JEM 77FP...........
With those inlays, its probably a Universe (7 string JEM)
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i know the guitar you mean, its a Universe i.e. a 7 string Jem
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Definately enquire on Jemsite.
Also it's a universe if it's on the Passion and Warfare sleeve (most likely, I believe on the back of P+W there's an early JEM7VWH)
And the yellow inlays suggest Universe also.

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i know the guitar you mean, its a Universe i.e. a 7 string Jem

I have to correct you here. A universe isn't a 7 string JEM, it's just Vai's signature 7 string model. It's different from the JEM in that it has no monkey grip, not lion claw trem routing, and they all (well not all there are exceptions) have the dissapearing Pyramid inlays. The only similarity to the JEM is that it's RG shaped, that Steve Vai endorses it, and that the old JEMs have the dissapearing Pyramid inlays.
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