if anyone wants a myspace layout doing for their band/artist, i'd be happy to create one free of charge.

Its the school holidays so i'm a bit bored so it would be nice to have some work to do for some of you upcoming artists

Get in touch x
That sounds pretty cool
I can do it anytime you need it and i'll probs be able to knock up some decent graphics in about 2 days
My old band paid some dude to create a logo thing for us...major waste of time.

I'm not in a band ATM but i'd like to see some examples of your work.
I just use whatever is necessary to create a suitable layout for the genre of the band
That layout's a bit basic because they're yet to get pictures done
Yeah, the band wanted a big banner though, I think it was to kinda make the page seem alot more fuller, but it wasn't my choice on the whole banner size.

And that layouts pretty good

Your other 3 threads on this got closed, so Im going to have to sayyyyyyyy

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