Hello there I have this question.
A long time ago when watching a youtube video one person said that when he recorded the cover he did. The guitar was in standart tune, but when he recorded it ( or during the recording, did undertand that clearly) he droped the tuning with the help of PC software.
So i was wondering is it possible to record and then apply effects( such as destortion) using software? Or apply them while playing without any amp,pedal help. Just plain Microphone+PC guitar setup ?
Yes, just use software like GuitarRig4, Amplitude, or any other VST Fx device...

When PC is used, the things you can do tend to infinite... =]
... is the result to be not infinite... eheheh
There are programs like Amplitude, MainStage etc which do that. You can get an audio interface as simple as a Stealth Plug to plug your guitar directly into a USB port.
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Sure it's possible. Tuning 1 step down is easy, distortion will sound like arse though.

Compared to being in the room with an amp, sure, but on a recording most people won't be able to tell the difference; and without a comparison with a well-engineered valve amp recording, many musicians wouldn't either.
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