hi ppl im looking at getting my first tube head all ready have a cab that i got on the cheap but now need to add a head to it the heads i have been looking at are the bugera 333xl and the 1960 heads and the marshall 800 2203kk kerry king head (500 pounds sterling) or the marshall vintage modern 2266 so wondering if anyone has any thing they would like to add o the list pros and cons etc etc

styles mostly classic and hard rock with blues and metal thrown in for good measure

budget 600 pounds sterling is the very top of the budget

gear dean ml fbd and a epiphone les paul

any help deciding would be great
The 333xl is gonna give the most versitility...as i think the 1960 and the kerry king 800 are only single channel amps whereas the bugera is 3 channel...Ive not heard good things about the vintage modern amps...apparently they're lacking in gain.