This is a progressive hard rock song. It's influenced by Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Megadeth and Trouble.

I would like to know what do you think of it ?

It's on my profile:

C4C as always

PS: The singer of my band wrote some lyrics for it, about Bram Stoker's Dracula but we havent recorded it yet.

And if you have alot of time, you can compare it to the older version of the song, it would be nice of you!
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Ok, I like writing good critics so I will say what I liked and what I didn´t like. I am very picky so don´t blame me:

The guitar tone is too distorted and the chords sounds way too muddy.
It is hard to notice the structure of the tune. I don´t hear a bass and the guitars sound too weak.
One of the strings of the guitar is out of tune ( I can hear that whenever you play power chords).
Don´t use odd-meters just for the sake of it. There were points at which they were cool and there were others when they were just overused.

The solo was the best part, no doubt. You have good ideas and a vibrato that has attitude.

I hope this feedback will help you improve
There's not really a whole lot to keep my attention with this song. I think adding vocals will improve this greatly. It has a good beat and initial idea, but I think the song continues too long without going many places. I also noticed the guitar being out of tune, you should fix that.
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It was good, but a few things I didn't like. From the very beginning until about 1:35 was really good, it had that very depressing, minor-keyed slow blues feeling, and how the drums had a disconnected feeling, if you get what I mean. After 1:35-2:35, I didn't really like it that much. I don't know why, it was just something about it that didn't fit with the beginning of the song. I realize that maybe you were trying to take the song to a different feeling but I don't think that it was necessary. I really like the guitar starting at 2:35 (I'm assuming that it's a solo?), and I really like the part that starts at 3:12, and the rest of the song from then on is pretty good. I think that if you figured out a way to use the solo to take the song to a different place from the beginning, rather than using the part from 1:35-2:35, I think it might be better. That's my personal opinion, however. I don't want to tell you to go and change your whole song.

And since you mentioned it, the song totally reminded me of Dracula

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Sounds muddy as hell, your recording with way too much gain, its destroying your tone as well. The song is pertty cool, the progression sounds very similar though, can't put my finger on it. You need to run a high and low pass filter on your guitars, would clear up some of that unwanted gain problems. Also, I think you were out of tune or something, cause your chords sound very messy, but again, due to too much gain. Double tracking this would also help alot with your tone if you like lots of gain, since you only use half gain to record then double track, then pan left and right and the gain adds up.
Good idea though, keep at it.

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The song itself is pretty damn good for my tastes. The main critical point I would make is that the main rythm guitar is too high in the mix - I would like to hear more bass and for the whole thing to sound somehow 'bigger'. I think the current mix sounds a bit thin and would be improved with the bass being more prominent and the kick drum sounding a bit lower.

The good points are that it's a well structured song and shows a talent for songwriting craft. I enjoyed listening to it.

C4C? - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1251381
Yeah the guitars really muddy at the intro but it's fine when it's just riffage, And yeah it feels like the drums are being played else where and it sounds kind of disconected. The guitar work is great but there doesn't seem to be a lot of structure to this song, There isn't much repeated, nothing comes back, maybe thats what you were going for but I prefer some structure.

But don't think I didn't like it, it was probably the best song I've listened to on these forums tonight haha

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Very cool, the riff around 3:17 was my favorite...and for some reason it reminds me of the chorus of Live and Let Die...Similar kind of vibe (which is a great thing). You got something there, I'd like to eventually hear some better guitar tone, and not something from a pod or solid state amp, but the idea is there, and it's great!

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