I just got as a present a Vox Satchurator - great piece of gear
I used a ZOOM G2 so far, and now am planning to use only the Satchurator for distortion but "paired" (excuse my English) with the modulation effects of the Zoom, mainly Delay.
As I got some money saved, I was considering to buy a single delay pedal instead of using the delay of the Zoom G2. But in Your opinion, is it worth it? Is the quality of the Zoom's Delay much worse than the quality of a dedicated Delay pedal, for instance the Boss DD-3 ? Or is the money better spent in a Wah pedal?
Thanx for advice!
Dino from Italy
Depends on what You need. A single pedal will (almost) always sound better than a low end multifx pedal. As for wah vs delay it really depends on what You need. Delay allows for much more, but wah is fun, no question there.
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I'd say that the difference comes from whether or not you prefer the sound of an analog delay pedal over that of a digital one. If you like the delay itself on the zoom, don't change it, but if you're disappointed over the texture of the delay sound, see for an analog pedal. If you're disappointed over the delay's tone or control features, check the Boss.

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