So, as the title says, I'm looking for a distortion or overdrive that would work well when playing pop-punkish music. I've got an EH Graphic Fuzz which works well, but I really don't like the fact that it's not battery powered; causes too much of a hassle. On the other hand, I own a DS-1, which sounds too tinny and I can't get that 'full' sound out of it like I can with the Graphic Fuzz. So, are there any suggestions for a pedal that cn give me that full pop-punk sound, similar to the Graphic Fuzz? Price is not an issue, but preferably cheap pedals.

What amp do you have? Your main distortion (in most cases) should really be coming from the amp.
^that, and also, can't you just get a power supply for the Graphic Fuzz? If you have multiple pedals you should check out the One Spot Power Adapter.
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Marshall AVT 150, but I don't have a footswitch to use it, and they don't manufacture the footswitches anymore.
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causes too much of a hassle

How is using an adapter too much of an hassle?
Anyway, if you want a strong distortion pedal, check out the catalinbread Dirty Little Secret
Well if you're happy with the sound of the Graphic Fuzz, maybe check out a Big Muff Pi, or even check out what some of your favourite guitarists are using.
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Rectos are good for that.

Sorry, didn't see you were asking for a pedal. Maybe an MI audio crunch box might be good?
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Well, apparently the Marshall pedals (especially the Jackhammer) are the thing for pop-punk type sound.
Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and Blink 182 all used the Recto line at some point, so something that sounds like that would do the trick.
im sure you could find a footswtich for your amp on like ebay or something man

for pop-punk music you dont need anything to heavey sounding at all

for distortion id look in to the MXR Distortion +. its a pretty good distortion pedal and check out the MODtone Speedbox distortion pedal. great high quality dist. units that sound pretty damn good. the boss distortion pedals are kinda weak and thin imo

for good OD pedals that a good amount of gain on tap. check out the MODtone Dyno drive and the Fulltone OCD pedal
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Quote by Ethalopian
Marshall AVT 150, but I don't have a footswitch to use it, and they don't manufacture the footswitches anymore.

Just find a footswitch on eBay, Craigslist etc. In under a minute I've just found four, priced between £20 and £50.