Hi, i'm looking for a mid-dist. tone for playing Indie-ish British kinda bands like Bloc Party, The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, The Libertines, The Strokes (though they are american). I need to change my tone from the grunge one that i have right now (been playin Pearl Jam, Alice Inchains and all that shit for a while) the only thing i know i that i need to put down the gain a little.

My amp has 2 distortion channels so i still can have a heavier sound with the more drive channel, but i hate so much the dist of my amp. I bought it because of it's clean channel that i totally loved, the great reverb and the great power for the price. i know i can fix dist. with pedals but i haven't got the money still to get a couple.

is there any pedal and settings you recommend?? i'm playing a Squier Tlecastes Thinline (Semi-Hollow) with duncan designed pickups through a Fender Frontman 212R amp. and if u know even if some strings can affect the sound or it pls tell me. i'm actually using D'addario 0.8

Thanks and sorry if my english sucks
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