Ight so i know a guy whoz selling Reason 3.0 for $100.00

Is this a steal???

is the program easy to navigate and work out and stuff like that. i wanna get into recording my covers but i don't have software atm and if this is a steal he claims it's extremly good software imma buy it. i know i might not be doing hardcore recording but still it's good to have. i would also be recording from my mic'ed amp into the computer


Reason 3 usually retails for $400. The guy is probably selling a copy. Make sure its someone you trust people sell copies that aren't burnt properly and won't install. Honestly, Cakewalk Music Creator 5 is 35.00 and is just as good as Reason (if you find a decent drum sequencer to use with it). It just takes a little longer to learn to make real quality recordings. Reason isn't bad though.