Since I got some positive feedback from my last post I figured I'd post another one up. This is another another one I did last year that's gonna be part of my album once I record it.

This is pretty much the final version of it, I think I'm satisfied with it unless someone points out something so I just wanna see if I should do anything to it. And can anyone tell me what genre you'd put this in as well?
track 9.gp5
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crit as i listen:

intro sounds like a pretty standard metal/core progression, but is definitely solid. A few unnecessary wank notes in the runs though. Verse sounded a bit off at first, but after the first like 3 measures it makes sense. Sounds cool! Bridge is....idk.....kinda akward I guess. Lots of chords that go nowhere.

Prechorus is great, it reinforces the original riff, but then adds a little extra to spice things up. Chorus sounds great, but I had no idea that it wasn't an extension of the pre-chorus....perhaps make some changes to make the transition easier to hear?

Bridge 2 sounds cooler than the first one....a bit proggy as well. Especially towards the end before the bridge. pretty sweet.

idk what to think about the interlude. However the like 8 measures before the solo sounded pretty sweet. Guitar solo was nothing special, but nothing wrong with it either. Interlude pt.2 sounded cool too. Definitely was not expecting a breakdown here, the drum part could be better to accentuate the heavy epicness of the riffage there. It works well as a transition to the chorus, though.

I liked how you threw in some fun chords and stuff during the outro, it gave a bit more depth to the song, however I think it would sound better if you used some of those "off" chords and notes earlier in the song to get some variety in the riffs.

Overall....8.5/10 Really sweet riffage and such, however the song overall seemed a bit drawn out, and there should have been more variety in off notes and chords throughout the song, not just at the end. Hope this helps!

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Cheers for the crit.
Yeah I realised after I did the intro that it seemed pretty generic and I really didn't want it to be so I just put in loadsa different ideas. I quite liked the bridge myself though haha. But yeah I think I might make a more obvious transition from the pre-chorus to the chorus.
Yeah solos aren't my strong point. I'm really not that great of a guitarist either so I always write solos that's possible for me to play really. I guess that limits me. And I think I might just re-do the drums for the whole piece, I just don't really like them listening to it now hah.
Pretty cool piece you got there.

The intro seems a bit generic indeed, but it works.
I like the first bridge!!!

I think you should redo the drums though, they are a bit dull in some places... Ah I just read you're planning to do that, well do it is my advice! And work on the solo if you can, maybe I have some idea's if you'd like to hear them.
The intro reminds me of my early days writing metal songs, but later it gets a lot more complicated than my songs haha.

It's sounding pretty good man, the drums sounded a bit funny at times though, you might wanna go check them.

Is you album gonna be on iTunes or something? Based on this I'd probably buy it.

And C4C? Link is in sig VV
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Awesome dude, liked it alot. Kinda reminded me of Trivium.

And props to you for two things.

One: finally a song which only uses 2 guitars, bass and drums. I get sick of seeing all these damn files with 7 different guitar tracks, 2 key board tracks and all this shit going on.

Two: your riffs are actually possible to play. all the time i see these metal songs people make with riffs that are just physically impossible to play on guitar. i mean if you cant play the damn song whats the point of writing it.

So either way
Crit as I listen, per usual:

Intro is nothing new. Pedal note, standard progression. Drums underneath are done well, though. Midi or not.

The ringy chords are a favourite touch of mine I like to see anywhere in the middle of riffs. Good job with that.

The dive is necessary. The breakdown part after that is nice. Could've kept going after thought. Lost a bit of power.

Ohai, there it is again. Nice double kick. Melodic runs aren't bad either. lots of drum work, which I like. Back to the riff with the ringy chords. I like.

No we have a build up? Nice snare work.

OHAI i LIKE this. And you lost me. Should have built up to a key change or progression that didn't start on a typical chord.

Solo wasn't bad. Flow is interrupted though, should've kept a beat going instead of shots with the drums after the solo.

The leads after that part are cool, I guess. I like the power of the beat after. Nice, I like alternating cymbals and whatnot.

Harmonies again, idk about them. Indifference?

Ringy noisy chords, I like.

I'm glad you ended on the chord. XD

8/10 for me. Solid song.

c4c, brah? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1252157
I am not sure if I would classify it metal core, definitely more thrashy. The opening reminded me of iced Earth. Ok, as it went on I noticed a slight metal core feel, but not a heavy heavy influence. I hear a few sour notes in the solo. Around 140 were some awesome stretches. (I love those weird feeling long distance fret travelers! :P) The bridge started out really nice, and then went in a direction I did not see coming. Not in a bad way, I just expected it to keep to the first couple bars feel.