ive recently come across $300, this will be my first bass i have no brand preferences, but i would like a large or regular sized body (dont mind irregular shapes either), HS or HH pickup design, thankyou.
Go to your local GC, tell them the exact same thing and they'll probably find you something. Or just blow you off. Either way you can play with all their basses, and maybe you'll change your mind. That's how i got my Schecter. Wanted a Fender Jazz, but i picked up this baby, and i love it. Just try out stuff man, if its your 1st bass
keep in mind with your journey into bass that the split single coil (p-style) pickup does something special and you can try it out in addition to regular single coils and humbuckers.

Normally I'd recommend someone with your budget to go grab a used MiM fender, but your humbucker requirement counts that out. Used ibanez ATKs show up in that price range fairly often (think of that as a humbucker+). Don't be afraid to look at used stuff, craigslist is the musician's greatest friend.